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Senior Living Options & Opportunities

Independent Living Skilled Nursing Care Assisted Living Villas Total Rehab Short-Term Rehab
Thursday, 20 December 2018

Senior Living: Options and Opportunities

The Baby Boomer generation is aging, and with that comes the demand for reliable information about senior living and healthcare options. Things have changed a lot over the last few decades, and seniors looking for care have a plethora of options.

The Villas Senior Care Community in Sherman is a campus with multiple levels of care. Independent living, assisted lifestyle, short-term therapy and skilled nursing are available. Let’s take a look at what these different options mean.

Independent Living

Independent living is also referred to as retirement living. Seniors live in an apartment where they are free to come and go. They can continue their involvement in community activities and maintain their health and lifestyle on their own.

Each independent living facility offers amenities varying in number and cost. Depending on the facility, one to three meals may be served daily in the main dining area, however, some independent living communities do not provide any meals or snacks. Housekeeping services may also be provided at least once a week.

One of the best advantages to an independent living community like at The Villas is that the burden of maintaining a home is lifted. There is no lawn care, shoveling snow, mowing lawns or worrying about equipment maintenance.

Assisted Lifestyle

Assisted Living is for seniors who want to maintain independence while also receiving some assistance with activities of daily living. It is also called “Sheltered Care” in other settings. Residents have their own apartment and are free to come and go as long as they are able. The assisted lifestyle community at The Villas Senior Care Community provides three meals each day, caregiver services, medication reminders and professional nursing services.

Assistance is also available with bathing, dressing, grooming, incontinence care and laundry service. The senior’s physician is typically involved in the admission process.

Short-Term Therapy with Villas Total Rehab

In the past, older people could spend extended periods of time in a hospital for rehabilitation following surgery, serious illness or injury. That is no longer the case; patients are discharged from the hospital much sooner. Older adults benefit by staying temporarily in a skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation before they return home, typically for no longer than three months.

The therapy program at The Villas is known as “Villas Total Rehab”. Residents have access to physical, occupational and speech therapy and work with professional, certified therapists. They re-learn motor skills and activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing and cooking. The resident’s physician writes prescriptions as necessary and works with the facility to develop a therapy plan. Therapy services are often covered under Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance.

Villas Total Rehab has private suites with modern amenities for patients while they complete their therapy plan.

Long-Term Care

Long-term care in a nursing home is appropriate for a senior who can no longer manage medical needs at home. Skilled nursing at the Villas employs registered nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and Certified Nursing Aides (CNAs) who provide care 24 hours a day. Nutritious meals are provided and overseen by a dietary expert. Activities are designed with the senior population in mind to keep them active and mentally stimulated.

The Right Choice
If you have questions about what kind of care is right for you or a loved one, please call Kathy Andring, Community Resource Coordinator at The Villas Senior Care Community. Kathy can advise you on what service level is appropriate based on medical needs and personal preferences. Kathy can be reached at, or at (217) 744-2299. We welcome you to take a tour and see our beautiful facility and meet our dedicated staff.