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Pharmacy Services at The Villas Senior Care Community

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Friday, 11 January 2019

January 12, 2019, is National Pharmacist Day, a date set aside to honor and recognize the positive impact that pharmacists have in the healthcare industry. Recognition days like this help increase awareness about the importance of pharmacy services and the pharmacists themselves.

Green Tree Pharmacy is the pharmacy of choice for the residents at The Villas Senior Care Community. For nearly 30 years, Green Tree Pharmacy has provided pharmaceutical services to the senior population throughout Illinois.

Green Tree Pharmacy pharmacy focuses on meeting the needs of the seniors at The Villas, whether they receive skilled nursing care, assisted lifestyle services or short-term therapy. Medication needs of our seniors can change at any time, which is why it is so important to have a pharmacy that is able to provide new medications with daily deliveries. Green Tree Pharmacy goes above and beyond just delivering medications on a daily basis. They also have plans in place for when an emergency arises.

As health care becomes more collaborative and pharmacists are integrated into care teams, the true importance of a professional pharmacy team has come to light. Pharmacists make a difference every day in the pharmacy and in the personal lives of the residents they serve.

At The Villas, the role of the pharmacy consultant is interdisciplinary – they work with the caregiving team to ensure each resident is receiving the proper medication and dosage. The overall care plan of the resident is reviewed so adjustments in care and medication can be made as they are needed.

Green Tree Pharmacy provides The Villas Senior Care Community with a convenience box. This box is stocked with medications that the facility requests .Green Tree Pharmacy encourages each facility to keep the convenience box stocked with a variety of widely used medications. If for some reason the convenience box does not have what is needed before the next medication delivery, Green Tree Pharmacy has also contracted with local pharmacies to serve as a back-up as needed. The employees at Green Tree Pharmacy want to make sure that our seniors are able to get what they need when they need it.

Green Tree Pharmacy understands that knowing the needs of our seniors is the most important part of providing for them. To ensure that the facility and pharmacy are working in the most efficient way, Green Tree Pharmacy has divided groups of facilities to be assigned to specific technicians. This is a great feature because when the nursing team calls Green Tree Pharmacy with questions, they are getting a technician that has been working with­ that facility, instead of an employee who may be unfamiliar with the nursing staff. Working relationships and familiarity are what keep the operation running smoothly.

You can learn more about Green Tree Pharmacy and the specific services they provide by visiting their website. The Villas Senior Care Community Sherman provides skilled nursing care, short-term therapy, assisted lifestyle services and independent living to the seniors in their community. Call Kathy Andring at (217) 744-2299 or visit their website today to learn more.