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Aging with Grace, Why a Positive Attitude Matters

The Villas Senior Care Community
Thursday, 29 November 2018

Did you know it was Plato who first said, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?” While the initial understanding of this familiar adage relates to physical beauty, it holds meaning in many different forms.

Have you ever considered how this seemingly clique phrase can have a positive effect on your daily life? Think of beauty in relation to your attitude, and how a positive attitude can turn any situation around. It’s not hippie mumbo jumbo, there is data to back this up. A study by AARP demonstrates that seniors who have a positive attitude toward aging are 12% less likely to have a heart attack than seniors who view aging negatively.

Seniors have been found to deal with stress better when they have a positive attitude about aging and a particular situation. This approach of seeking out the beauty in everyday life helps seniors be more resilient overall. Besides less stress (which has a ton of its own benefits!), seniors with a bright attitude toward aging also experience improved immune function and a lower risk of heart disease.

A 2018 study from the Yale School of Public Health found that older people who carry a positive attitude about aging are less likely to develop dementia than those who view aging negatively.

It can be easy to lament the difficult aspects of aging, but this negative attitude can have a serious impact on your mental health. The Villas Senior Care Community has long held the belief that built upon the belief that each person’s life has great value and tremendous beauty, no matter what their age. Finding the beauty in each stage of life helps us transition easier to the changes we all experience as we age. Although the facts of aging do not change, the interpretation of the aging process impacts our health and experience in senior living. What a great incentive to choose a positive attitude toward aging!

Each senior has a unique history that influences his or her attitude toward aging and transitioning to a new living situation due to health concerns. The caring staff at The Villas staff delights in helping each senior transition forward, starting from day one. Our team fosters an environment that celebrates seniors and promotes meaningful opportunities to engage that help seniors find beauty in everyday life.

Why should the senior years be any less valuable or worthwhile than the ones before them? The Villas Senior Care Community encourages seniors to view their sunset years through rose-colored glasses. Come visit us today to learn more about beautiful moments with seniors.