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How Do I Apply?

For information about The Villas Senior Care Community, call (217) 744-9891.

The Villas Independent Living
Contact: Amber Shifflett
Apartment Business Administrator
(217) 744-3654
101 Villa Parkway
Sherman, IL 62684

If you’re ready to move forward, click on this link to access the application form for our independent living units: Rental Application

Once you have completed the attached application, contact The Villas Senior Care Community and request to speak a staff member regarding applications for rentals, and we will help you with the next steps.

The Villas Assisted Lifestyle
Contact: Russ Bogdanovich
Apartment Business Administrator
(217) 744-9891
100 Stardust Drive
Sherman, IL 62684

The Villas Skilled Nursing Care
Contact: Sharyon Reynolds
(w) (217) 744-2299
100 Marian Parkway
Sherman, IL 62684

Villas Total Rehab (VTR)
Contact: Tia Schoen
Community Relations Coordinator
(w) (217) 744-2299
100 Marian Drive
Sherman, IL 62684