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Choosing Senior Living for Your Loved One

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Villas Senior Care Community
Monday, 16 December 2019

The holiday season brings families together. Whether families are scattered across a wide geographic area or all live in the same time, the holidays give us an excuse to spend time together and to reconnect. For many people who have aging or elderly parents, this time together is also an opportunity to discuss if a change in their parent’s care or living situation is necessary.

There are several different types of senior living options available in the Springfield area. At The Villas Senior Care Community, we provide independent living, an assisted lifestyle setting and skilled nursing.

Independent Living

Independent living is for seniors who no longer can or want to maintain a home. Sometimes the upkeep of a home becomes too much for a person to handle on their own. Perhaps they simply don’t want to worry about the maintenance and want to spend their free time doing the things they enjoy.

Another reason to choose independent living may be because a person is seeking more of a community environment. Having neighbors of their same age can be very fulfilling for someone who has lost a spouse. Independent living communities are just that – a community where people can meet new friends and forge new relationships.

The Villas provides social, educational and recreational events for residents, providing opportunities for enrichment, growth and interaction with others.

Independent living at The Villas includes exterior maintenance, snow removal, lawn care, seasonal clean-up (raking leaves and cleaning gutters!). We provide three different options depending on your needs and wishes for living spaces: one-, two- and three-bedroom layouts can be seen by clicking this link.

Assisted Lifestyle

An assisted lifestyle community provides seniors with some help with their daily living activities. It’s a step in between independent living and skilled nursing care and is for seniors who cannot live independently but do not yet require full time nursing care. Residents live in an apartment within our community and furnish their living space with their own furniture and cherished belongings.

Seniors who choose this lifestyle typically need a little bit of help with medication management and some nursing care. Many residents still drive and have their own vehicles, but transportation is available for residents who need assistance getting to and from doctor appointments. A nursing team is always available to help with medical emergencies or just daily needs from our residents.

The assisted lifestyle community at The Villas in Sherman provides activities, entertainment, events and outings for residents. Three meals a day are served in our beautiful dining room and our dietary team also provides daily snacks for residents.

There are four different floor plans to choose from at the Villas. You can learn more and see the apartmentassisted living layoassisted livinguts by following this link.

Skilled Nursing & Therapy Services

Skilled nursing care is available in both short- and long-term situations. Short-term nursing care would be for seniors who are recovering from an illness or surgery. They may have been discharged from the hospital but are not yet ready to be at home.

Therapy services are often part of the care plan for short-term care to help them return to living at home. Depending on the reason they need care, therapy services through Villas Total Rehab provide physical, occupational and speech therapy. The list of services the therapy team provides is quite extensive; you can learn more about the specific rehabilitation and medical conditions served by clicking here.

Long-term skilled nursing care is available for seniors who need round-the-clock care. Families often struggle with the decision to admit a parent or beloved senior into nursing care. However, the nursing team and management staff at The Villas Senior Care are equipped to provide the high level of care your mom or dad deserves. It can be very difficult to provide nursing care in a home environment, even if you have some help. Choosing a facility that has the resources, staff and experience to provide care is often the best course of action.

Finding the Right Community

It’s important and smart to research facilities in your area before you or a loved one need care. It’s often a tough conversation to have and an easy one to put off until an emergency occurs. This holiday, if your family is considering a change in care for someone, be proactive. Take tours of local facilities and ask questions. The staff can help you determine what level of care is most appropriate and they can provide information on any number of topics you might need to learn.

The Villas Senior Care Community in Sherman provides a wide range of services and is available for tours or to answer any of your questions.