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How to Boost Your Immune System

With the current COVID-19 situation sweeping our nation, a focus on immune system health has become more critical than ever. People with compromised immune systems, like many of the elderly population, have been deemed more at risk than other demographics. This is consistent with other illnesses such an influenza, however the nature of the COVID-19...

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Circulation in the Elderly & Cold Weather

Circulation: movement to and fro or around something, especially that of fluid in a closed system. Our circulatory system, or the cardiovascular system, permits blood to circulate throughout the body. It also transports nutrients, oxygen, carbon dioxide, blood cells and hormones to and from the cells of our body to provide nourishment. As we age, t...

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Choosing Senior Living for Your Loved One

The holiday season brings families together. Whether families are scattered across a wide geographic area or all live in the same time, the holidays give us an excuse to spend time together and to reconnect. For many people who have aging or elderly parents, this time together is also an opportunity to discuss if a change in their parent's care or ...

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Osteoporosis: What You Can Do Now

Did you know that one in three women over the age of 50 will experience an osteoporotic fracture? That is quite a few women affected by this disease. While most often associated with women, osteoporosis also affects men. One in five men over the age of 50 will also suffer some kind of osteoporotic fracture. What is Osteoporosis? The definition of o...

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Signs & Symptoms of a Heart Attack in Women

Women and men have different symptoms of a heart attack. Many signs can be mistaken for something else, and are often ignored by the person experiencing them. Do you know what to look for in yourself or in a loved one? What Exactly Is a Heart Attack? A heart attack is a common but complicated event that is the result of multiple factors. Because ou...

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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a new term to many Americans. This approach to care is a patient-centered, individualized and science-based approach that works to address underlying causes of disease. Functional medicine doctors determine how and why illness occurs and addresses the root cause in order to restore optimal health. Practitioners address the ro...

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