Our Team

Tonya Alecia, LNHA

The Villas Senior Care Community & Villas Total Rehab

I have been in healthcare for the past 24 years. My areas of experience range from working as a nurse in Psychiatric, Geriatric, and Hospice. I have worked as Director of Business Development and finally as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator. I have worked directly with patients and residents in a variety of different settings. I have an overwhelming responsibility to advocate for the Elderly population and believe it is my calling and a pleasure to help ensure each resident receives the most adequate care possible.

Russell Bogdanovich


The Villas Assisted Lifestyle

Russell began in the long-term care field as direct service personnel in 1998, working with adults with developmental delays. He ended his tenure as an executive director and is now thrilled to have a chance to work with the senior population at The Villas Senior Care Community. Russell will always enjoy caring for those who need assistance, especially those who may have experienced challenges along the way. These challenges always remind him of why he is in this line of work. Russell also enjoys the game of soccer and has coached collegiately. Currently, he officiates at the same level in his spare time.

Carla Luckhart-Smith

Director of Nursing/Wellness Coordinator, LPN

The Villas Assisted Lifestyle & Villas Memory Care

Carla has been a nurse for seven years and began her career with the Villas Senior Care Community in 2015 as a floor nurse. She transitioned into memory care when her mother-in-law was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Having found a passion in caring for residents with dementia, she has returned to Villas West, full-time, as our wellness coordinator. Carla is excited about her new position with the Villas Senior Care Community. Her role is key in training the staff to prepare for the opening of the new memory care wing and the ongoing memory care for our residents. Carla states, “I feel truly blessed to be a part of the Villas Assisted Lifestyle Community as the wellness coordinator and I look forward to serving the needs of the residents and their families.

Tia Schoen

Marketing Director/Community Relations Coordinator

The Villas Senior Care Community & Villas Total Rehab

Tia joined the Villas after many years in marketing and advertising. Now that she is participating in the senior care industry, she is finding that this is a natural transition. Tia loves being able to help us reach our goals while providing extra love to the wonderful residents. The best part is being around such great coworkers; they help make her job easy.

Lijalane Frye

Community Relations Coordinator

The Villas Assisted Lifestyle & Villas Memory Care

Hello, I’m Lija! I am thrilled to have joined The Villas West Team as the Community Relations Coordinator. I have worked in healthcare for 32 years and held many roles in senior care communities. Working with seniors and the community is where my heart is.

Anna Polistina

Anna Polistina

Admissions Coordinator

Anna has over 30 years of Medicare & Medicaid experience. She spent 15 years at HSHS, six years in Cardiology, as well as six years as the Medical Coordinator for the Dominican Sisters in Springfield. This is her second time working as Admissions Coordinator.

Business Office

Judy Pellman

Business Office Manager

The Villas East Skilled Nursing

I have worked at Villas since 2002. I enjoy working with residents, families and my coworkers. But my favorite thing is feeling like we are a family, and I am not just an employee.

Connie Booker

Business Office Manager / Human Resources

I have worked in long-term care or over 40 years and I absolutely love the elderly. I started as a candy striper at the age of 14. I then was grandfathered in as a CNA and then have been a Business Office Manager in HR since I was 22. I have always worked Medicare and Medicaid but then went to work at Saint Joseph’s and worked there until it closing. I find being here at the Villas Senior Care Community very rewarding and they are a great team to work with.

Vicky Kacevicius

Human Resource Manager

The Villas East Skilled Nursing

I have been at the Villas for over 10 years.

Through my years at the Villas I have worked as a CNA , Nurse & CNA scheduler and currently the Human Resource Manager I enjoy my job at the Villas and enjoy being able to help the residents and the staff.

Kendra Davis

Social Service Director

The Villas Senior Care Community & Villas Total Rehab

I am thrilled to be working for the The Villas Senior Care Community! I have been in healthcare for 20 years. My career began as a CNA, and I’ve also held the positions of Restorative Aide, Lead Aide, and CNA scheduler. I returned to school for Healthcare Management. After receiving my degree, I’ve worked in Marketing, Social Service and Admissions.


Victoria Stoye

Activity Director

The Villas Senior Care Community & Villas Total Rehab

Vickie joined The Villas activities team in 2013. She loves her job, the residents, and their families. She was raised by grandparents, so she understands the changes that occur and has compassion for the elderly population. Vickie always says it’s like she has 55 sets of grandparents!

Albert Pitts

Dietary Manager

The Villas Senior Care Community & Villas Total Rehab

Albert has been working for The Villas since November 2002. The one thing that impressed him the most was the warmth and home-like feeling he received on his first day. Ten years later, he still gets that same feeling. Albert grew up in the South, where family connections and southern hospitality go hand-in-hand. He likes to think that he brings those values to work every day. As the dietary manager, Albert’s primary role is to ensure that every resident’s nutritional needs are met, but he plays many additional parts as well. He is a waiter during meal service, a guide when someone has lost their way, an ear when someone needs to be heard, but the best and most important role Albert enjoys is giving the best customer service he can every day.

Pat Thaller

Dietary Manager

The Villas Assisted Lifestyle

Pat joined the Villas Senior Care Community, West, in February 2021. Pat grew up in a small town with her grandmother living next door and loved making homemade noodles, pies, jellies and many other goodies that she learned to make while cooking with her. Pat’s favorite thing about those times were the stories that her grandmother told while cooking. Pat has worked in the food service industry for over twenty years and when she is not cooking for the Villas Senior Care Community, she is running her antique shop that she and her husband have established on their property. The antique shop is a rehabbed gas station from the 1930’s. Pat thanks all the residents and staff for being so welcoming and friendly as she became part of the Villas West family.

Todd Tisdale

Maintenance Director

The Villas Senior Care Community & Villas Total Rehab

Todd’s role is the upkeep of the buildings and equipment. He also acts as the life safety director and keeps the building safe and looking as lovely as possible. Todd’s favorite thing about working at The Villas is the caring staff and the helpful and friendly board of directors.

Becky Dinora

Billing Specialist & Administrative Assistant

The Villas Senior Care Community & Villas Total Rehab

I worked at Villas West for three years before coming over to Villas East. I like seeing the residents & making them smile because some days, we are the only people they see.