Mission / Vision

The Villas Senior Care community began with a vision by Father Peter Mascari and a group of concerned individuals looking to help senior citizens. Their goal was to allow the elderly to live quality lives in a community setting where assistance was available. Since 1977, we have offered attractive residential options to seniors with various needs and desires. We’ve served everyone from independent retirees wishing to be surrounded by a secure and maintenance-free environment to seniors needing specialized medical care and physical assistance. We value each senior and create customized care plans to cater to individual needs. Our goal is to provide a welcoming place where independence is encouraged, respect is always given, and happiness abounds.

The Villas is dedicated to assisting the aged population in maintaining the highest possible quality of life for the longest period of time. We are committed to providing an environment where the dignity of each individual is ensured. We feel it is a privilege to serve you, your family, and your loved ones. When it comes to our family values, we believe that:

  • Each person is unique, created by God, and is deserving of dignity and respect
  • Each person possesses unique qualities, which make up a distinct personality. Although a person’s ability to function may change as they age, that person still possesses these special traits, which must be recognized and respected
  • All aspects of a person must be considered: physical, mental, spiritual, and social, when assessing and providing care for our seniors
  • The staff must be accessible, perceptive, and open to recognize needs and to provide quality care for residents. Involvement with others is beneficial to residents and their family members in planning and providing quality care

With over four decades of experience caring for the community’s seniors, The Villas understands how to provide exceptional care, comfortable home-like living arrangements, and a joyful atmosphere to your loved ones.